Friday, March 29, 2019

21:00 – briefing, dealing of maps (exept prolog).

22:00 – buttoning up starting cards on wrists of participants. Each participant needs to check all checkpoints.

23:00 – all equipment to transition areas should be packed and ready to transportation.

23:30-23:45 – transfering by bikes to the start line (app. 5 minutes)

24:00 – start.



The course has only a standard version, no bonus checkpoints. Approximate length is 165 km.



The more points you collect, the higher you are in the rank. Second marker is finishig time. If you finish the race after time limit (24 h), you will be classified at the end of the rank, no matter how many points you check. To be classified you need to find at least 50% of control points.


Route description:

Teams cycle from the race base to the start line, where they leave bikes for the time of running the prolog.

Start: Friday, March 29, midnight.

Time limit: 24 h

Finish closure: Saturday, March 30, 2019, midnight


Section 1: Orienteering run – 4 km

Mostly around the city.

If you don’t need running shoes after the prolog, you may leave them by the organizer, they will be transported to the race base.


Section 2: Bike – 55 km

Very diverse, from good tar roads to narrow paths and muddy and wetland areas.


Transition Area A

Each team may use its equipment.

TA is roffed, there is access to toilets. The area is quite big, as it will be visited several times.


Section 3: Kayak – 8 km

Mostly lakes, but in the opposite current of a small river, some sections between lakes may require portage of kayaks.


Transition Area B

Each team may use its equipment.

More details about TA soon.


Section 4: Run – 14 km

Running loop, forests, very diverse terrain.


Transition Area B

Coming back to the same TA.


Section 5.1: Kayak – 8 km

Mostly lakes, with the current of the river this time.


Transition Area A

This section crosses TA A, so all teams may use it’s infrastructure and their boxes, for example to take inlines for sections 5.3.

Time limit fox starting sections 5.2: 4 pm.

After this time finishing the race in time limit is not possible. Teams that won’t make it, may start section of inline skates and running collecting some of the points from kayaking and some from normal inline section.


Section 5.2: Kayak – 17 km

Along the river.

Teams leave all unnecessary kayaking equipment at the last kayaking checkpoint and start inline skating-running section.


Section 5.3.: Inline skating/Running – 24 km

Roads of divers quality, some very good, some harsh or with holes. Example of navigation choice: 17 km inlines, 7 km running.

This section may be done without skates at all, then it will have app. 20 km.


Transition Area A

At the last visit in this TA teams will do a special task.


Section 6: Bike – 35 km

Forest and field roads, some tar roads.

Special task to be done along this section.

Time limit for the special task: 10:00 pm.


Finish line: Złotów, specific location anounced soon.



If you have any questions, please write an e-mail to: